• "OneLobby has successfully identified one of the biggest pain points for the event industry - managing complex events with moving parts, mulitple priorities and big planning teams - without switching from app to app."

    Liz King
    Liz King Events

  • "There is no collaborative platform custom-built for event management; OneLobby has the potential to disrupt and simplify conference production."

    Paige Pires de Almeida
    General Manager, E2 Conference
    UBM TechWeb

OneLobby Collaborative Event Management

Juggle the complicated Event Management process.

You've tried Task Management software, Project Management software. None of them feel quite right to you. You probably gave up and went back to spreadsheet land and now divide your time between email and phone calls. Your team is less organized than they should be.

Task Management a pain?

OneLobby manages your tasks in a modern, efficient way. We allow you to tag users, logistics and even events. Set due dates with ease and re-prioritize on-the-fly.

Concerned about team communication?

Our event feed allows frictionless communication with your team members, vendors, sponsors and clients.

Event Overview

Wish you had more control over your events?

With so many moving parts that bring your event together, our dashboard reporting means you always know what's done and needs to be done.

Ever feel like a professional cat herder?

Your clients expect perfectly executed logistics, and our logistics tool helps you juggle them all to deliver a flawless event.

Always on the move?

Wish your plans were at your fingertips... whenever you need them?

If you can touch it, you can plan on it.